The connection between the position of the Moon at the time of birth and the relationship you have with your mother. Daniela Simulescu: "I call it our soul!"

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The connection between the position of the Moon at the time of birth and the relationship you have with your mother. Daniela Simulescu: "I call it our soul!" / PHOTO: @eaktopapps
The connection between the position of the Moon at the time of birth and the relationship you have with your mother. Daniela Simulescu: "I call it our soul!" / PHOTO: @eaktopapps

Usually, people know their main zodiac sign based on the position of the Sun at the time of their birth. This is just the "astrological ID", a simplified representation of astral influences, according to astrologer Daniela Simulescu, editor-in-chief of at DC Media Group.

However, this aspect of the zodiac represents only the conscious and outward energy that you share with other "residents" of the same "zodiacal country." In an astrological chart, there are much more complex and subtle aspects. The birth chart provides unique information, such as the position of the Moon at the time of birth, which is much deeper and more meaningful than just the main zodiac sign.

"People generally know there's a zodiac sign. The zodiac sign is determined by the position of the Sun at the time of birth. So, I'm an Aries because my Sun is an Aries. But as I always say, the zodiac sign represents an astrological ID. If we imagine there's a continent with 12 countries, each person is born with an ID in a certain country. I have an Aries ID, and so on.

But that represents only the conscious, outward energy, meaning what you share with other residents of that country, so to speak.

Then, if we look at the birth chart, there are unique things, much more subtle and important things.

The zodiac sign is the simplest thing. You go and say you're a certain sign, 'Ah! I know many things about you.' But those are just very general and simplistic things", said Daniela Simulescu on Părinți Prezenți, a show by

Daniela Simulescu: "There's a connection between everything that involves the Moon, the moment of birth, and everything that involves birth, fertility, children, and emotions"

Astrologer Daniela Simulescu speculates that ancient astrologers, thousands of years ago, observed the Moon as a significant cosmic phenomenon influenced by natural cycles and life on Earth.

"When they began studying astrology, thousands and thousands of years ago, I guess that they made the connection with the Moon through analysis. We know that it's the Earth's natural satellite, the celestial body closest to us, it doesn't have its light, it takes it from the Sun and reflects it towards us in its phases.

The first thing they probably noticed, I believe, is that the Moon revolves around the Earth in 28-29 days, which is the length of the menstrual cycle in women. They concluded that there's a connection between everything involving the Moon, the moment of birth, and everything involving birth, fertility, children, and emotions.

And as they studied the Moon, they realized it has a little circle. Meaning, it can also be in different zodiac signs at the moment of your birth. Because in those 28-29 days of its rotation around the Earth, it passes through all 12 zodiac signs. Because the zodiac is, in fact, a circle.

And they sat and studied, studied, studied, and had this moment of WOW, of revelation when they realized, 'Oh my, the zodiac, it's the zodiac, but wait a minute, this Moon is often much more important'", added the astrologer from DC Media Group.

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Daniela Simulescu: "When I meet a person, I never care about their zodiac sign"

Daniela Simulescu mentioned that when she meets a person, she never looks at their zodiac sign. Instead, if she knows the position of the Moon in their birth chart, she can extract a wealth of information about the individual.

"When I meet a person, I never care about their zodiac sign. If I know the Moon, I know a lot of things about it because the Moon represents our inner world and our emotions. It's the way you learn to feel from the earliest years, of your mother. Some argue that the Moon is formed even during intrauterine life, from the bond you have with your mother since then, but we can rather refer to the first years of life.

We know that attachment patterns form in the first 2 years. We can make a connection from this point of view as well.

But, where the Moon was when you were born in the 12 signs, shows how you feel.

What do we know about Aries? We know they are lively, energetic, angry, stubborn, rushed, aggressive, and so on. But what if an Aries has a Moon in Cancer? Do you judge them just because they're Aries and that's it? And inside, they are completely different.

When you truly know a person, you know their Moon; you don't just know the superficial part of their zodiac sign or ascendant", added Daniela Simulescu.

Astrologer Daniela Simulescu: "The Moon forms in the early years of life, that's your emotional world"

Daniela Simulescu presented a suggestive example, suggesting that the position of the Moon in a birth chart can influence how a child or even an adult feels in a certain emotional situation. The expert explained that when we are in the intimacy of our being, isolated from social interactions, our inner world becomes evident, and our emotions dominate. Thus, a profound understanding of a person must start from this inner emotional world, rather than from the external aspects of personality or zodiac signs.

"I call the Moon our soul because the Moon forms in the early years of life, that's your emotional world.

To give you another example, you take a child and put them alone in a room, in a corner, and depending on where their Moon is, which could also apply to an adult, that's how the child feels at that moment. It's not about their zodiac sign! When they're alone, there are no people around and no interactions; they feel the inner world, and everything starts from there, from my point of view. Not from the external part, from personality, but from emotions. That's where everything always starts!

Furthermore, a mother can have multiple children. Each child perceives their mother through the position of the Moon. You can have two children, one with the Moon in Taurus and one with the Moon in Gemini. The child with the Moon in Taurus will describe their mother in one way, while the other child with the Moon in Gemini will say that their mother is different", further explained the editor-in-chief of

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Position of the Moon in the birth chart

The position of the Moon in the birth chart not only reflects the relationship with the maternal figure but also how the individual will experience and interpret emotions throughout their adult life.

"In the first years of life, depending on how the mother treats the child, depending on the domestic environment... I want to make a parenthesis, it's not just about the mother. Many times we talk about a maternal figure. Here in Romania, we know that at certain times, because times were quite tough, children grew up with grandparents, and often the maternal figure for many of us was the grandmother, for example. And the Moon forms based on the relationship with the grandmother in the early years of life.

So, where the Moon was when that child was born shows what the mother is like and shows how that child will feel and process emotions when they become an adult.

When we enter significant relationships, we are interested in the emotional spectrum, not what they do, or what their zodiac sign says on the internet. Because as I always say, we are like a theater. The facade of the theater is the ascendant, the zodiac sign is the play being performed on stage, but the backstage is the Moon, and we are interested in what's backstage because that's where the depth is, that's where you feel.

Likewise, with a person: you see them for the first time, you see their ascendant, you get to know them better, you see their zodiac sign, but when you enter their intimacy, you feel their Moon. And the Moon, depending on where it was when we were born, manifests in one way or another. First, we see how the mother is, but then we also see how we learn to feel throughout life", emphasized Daniela Simulescu.


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